150 min

Urban Cinema by Santander: Review of the best short films from UN-Habitat Better Cities Film Festival 

WUF in the City event

There are free tickets for the event

Event only in English.

Guests: John Paget and Chris Elisara (co-founders of First+Main Films and the Better Cities Film Festival)


Session #1:  
COVID Cities 
This series of short films explores the lessons learned during the global COVID pandemic. Films include: “Strangers In Boxes,” a life affirming testament to how the power of human connection can transcend language, distance, a global pandemic; “The View from the Grotas” is a documentary produced and filmed by young residents of informal settlements, locally known as “grotas”, from Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in their lives; “A conscious walk during pandemic in Amsterdam,” features city-walks and discussions with experts about how the culture of walking is influencing urban planning in Netherlands and Asia and urban design adaptation.

Session #2:
Best of Better Cities Film Festival 
The UN-Habitat Better Cities Film Festival is a celebration of the best storytelling through film about making cities better. Its legacy is an opportunity to bring the best films of the festival to your city. Learn what, why, and how to bring the film festival to your city.

Session #3:
Life on Wheels: Feature Film 
Life on Wheels addresses the promises, dangers, and absurdities of our current auto-centric transportation system and explores new possibilities and stories of change.


Unnumbered seats
On the balcony, rows of cinema armchairs arrangened in an amphitheater setting
On the ground floor, cafeteria-style arrangement of tables and chairs

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